How To Create a Small Business Website for Free With WAcademy

How To Create a Small Business Website for Free With WAcademy

Small and medium businesses often delay launching websites due to budget constraints. However, WAcademy is determined to break all barriers. Learn how.

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Are you a small business owner? Whether you have established your business already or are just now figuring out how to start, you might wonder how to create a small business website for free. After all, every cent counts, especially if you are on a tight budget. 

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to have a website up and running completely free of charge. This is due to domain name registration and website hosting fees. However, you can save a lot of money by picking the right services. And if you join WAcademy, you can secure a completely free website design. How is that possible? It’s all thanks to an innovative internship program run by WAcademy.

We connect aspiring web designers who need training and practical experience to build portfolios and successfully enter the job market with SMEs (small and medium enterprises) that want to bring their businesses online. Sounds too good to be true? Continue reading to learn how it all falls into place at WAcademy.

The WAcademy success formula

At WAcademy, we combine five simple ideas that have helped achieve incredible results:

  • New experiences push us forward
  • We prioritize social consciousness
  • Passion for what we do is our driving force
  • Education has the power to change the world
  • Interns are at the heart of WAcademy

Continuous advancement

Since WAcademy was founded in 2017, we have had many great opportunities to work with small and medium enterprises from all over the world. As a result, we have helped launch more than 30,000 business websites for clients in over 70 countries. The numbers continue to grow, and with every new client, we grow and improve as well.

Social consciousness

Since day one, we knew we wanted to work with small businesses. Why? Because we understand their importance for their local communities and the overall global economic landscape. As we train our interns, we partner up with SMEs and provide them with free web design services. All in return for the opportunity for our interns to work on real-life projects.

Passion for what we do

WAcademy is a team of young professionals, many of whom have experienced the benefits of high-quality internships. We are not jaded, and our passion for creating positive experiences for a new wave of professionals is what keeps us going, learning and becoming better. We are confidently passing the baton to people who will change the game in the future.

The power of education

As our founder Gediminas Jankauskas always says, “EdTech is the future!” The WAcademy internship breaks down all barriers and empowers people from all over the world to gain skills that can open doors to remote employment opportunities. We firmly believe that as long as you have internet access and a laptop, you have what it takes to become the next great web designer! 

Professional training for interns

When we say that interns are at the heart of WAcademy – we mean it. The more interns we train, the more SMEs we can support. And the more interns gain professional training, the more happy customers we have. In 2023, we have expanded our internship program to university students, who will raise the bar for all our future projects. And we are on track to double the number of both satisfied business partners and trained interns!

More than a free web design service

WAcademy SME partners are rewarded for trusting our interns and helping them become experienced professionals. How? We create web designs completely free of charge. That means you can solve two very big problems in one go by joining WAcademy. First, you get the website of your dreams without spending a small fortune. Second, you help change the lives of our interns, who may not have plenty of other education opportunities otherwise. 

The reward for your trust in our vision is your new website, which can help expose your business to new online customers. Once you have a professional website set up, you can reach more potential customers from all over the world and help your sales skyrocket. However, if you want to focus on your local market, you can optimize your reach there too!

This is why we believe that the WAcademy internship program can change lives. Not only the lives of our interns but also our SME partners who may not have opportunities to scale and compete in today’s market without a functional and beautiful website. And that is possible without charging $1,000-$3,000 per website (average professional web designer fees). Or taking $20-$30 monthly for as long as the website is up (average web builder fees).

Once your website is up and running, we can offer an array of additional web services to introduce new functionalities, including a social media feed, online booking system, invoicing system, Google Analytics integration, GDPR cookie integration, search engine optimization, website administration and more. The sky’s the limit when it comes to scaling your website!

Explore WAcademy Web Services


WAcademy offers free web design services, but you will need to pay domain name registration and website hosting fees to run your website. Our partner Getspace offers a great deal for all WAcademy clients that includes WordPress hostingdomain name registrationprofessional email inboxesdata backupSSL certification and an Elementor Pro license to help you manage your website. 

How to get a free web design from WAcademy interns

Do you have an idea for your small business website? If you do, we might be able to help you turn it into reality. If you fit our SME criteria, we will ask you to share your vision so that we could match you with a trained intern.

During the process, our experts will oversee the work of the intern to make sure you receive a fully functional and professional-looking website in the end. Once the first version of the website is submitted, you will have an opportunity to request changes. After these changes are applied, you will receive the website’s logins and become its sole administrator.

Are you curious but have questions or concerns? Contact our Sales team by sending a message to And if you are ready to get the website of your dreams, here’s a quick rundown of what happens when you register for a free website design at WAcademy.

WAcademy project stages

  1. Registration stage: First, you need to fill out the Get Started form. This form requests your full name, contact details and the type of website you wish to set up. At the moment, SMEs can choose from several options, including Ecommerce Website or Business Website.
Get Started registration form for a free web design at WAcademy.
WAcademy Get Started form
  1. Project application stage: Once we receive your inquiry, we will ask you more concrete details about what kind of website you want to build for your business. We use a fully interactive web form that allows you to provide details in the following categories:
    • Project Type
    • Brand Details
    • Domain & Hosting
    • Style & Design
    • Website Structure
    • Content
    • Services

During this stage, we gather all the information we require to better understand what you have in mind, so that we can build the website you want. This also provides you with an opportunity to share your ideas and take control of how your website should look like. You have the freedom to select anything from your website’s logo, to its style, to its layout.

A screenshot of an online form with the button named "start your website from here".
How to get started with a free web design at WAcademy


  1. Website building stage: Once we have all the necessary information and the intern starts working, we are dedicated to producing the first version within 20-30 business days. If you need any changes after we present you with the first version, we apply these changes so you can start using your website as soon as possible.

Join WAcademy’s SME partner community

By joining WAcademy, you gain access to a pool of talented and motivated interns who can build custom websites and make your dreams come true. This ensures that you can dedicate your resources and time you’d otherwise spend on building a website on core business activities and priorities.

Please be aware that while we continuously expand our roster of trained interns, we are not always able to accommodate all SMEs that wish to use WAcademy web design services. If you are seriously considering building your business website using WAcademy, waste no more time. Register for your free web design, and we will assign a trained intern ASAP. Let’s get your website up and running!


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