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June 2023

June’s pages are like a treasure trove of curiosity, full of interesting questions and insightful answers. It’s great to see more young talents gaining valuable industry experience and expanding their horizons.

So, without waiting any longer, let’s dive into the Top 3 sites from June! 😊

A word from the creator:

Designing a website for a beauty studio offering waxing and permanent makeup services, with a color scheme of serene blue, luxurious gold, and pristine white, posed its unique challenges. The client’s vision set the tone for the layout and design. I opted for a clean and inviting design that matched the sophisticated color palette, incorporating special elements in certain sections to enhance the overall appeal.

A word from the creator:

Creating a website dedicated to the alkaline lifestyle was an exciting project. The challenge was to convey the principles of this lifestyle clearly and effectively. To do this, I opted for a clean and modern design that complements the concept. In various sections, we incorporated informative content, practical tips, and visually appealing elements to engage visitors and promote a healthy, alkaline way of living.

A word from the creator:

Creating the website with a striking black and red color scheme was an exciting project. We aimed to convey luxury and sophistication, aligning with the brand’s identity. The sleek and modern design complements these bold colors, while engaging content and captivating visuals showcase the high-quality painting services offered by High Rollers Painting.

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