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July 2023

July’s pages radiate with the fervor of curious exploration, brimming with intriguing questions and insightful answers. It’s truly heartening to observe a growing cadre of young talents as they accumulate invaluable industry experience, broadening their horizons day by day.

Without delay, let’s embark on a captivating journey to delve into the Top 3 sites from July! 😊

A word from the creator:

Creating website with a calming light beige color scheme was a challenge. The client had a unique vision and high expectations for the layout. To meet this, I chose a clean, classic design that matched the beige tones. We added creative touches in some places, making both the client and me happy with the outcome.

A word from the creator:

Building the website for, especially as someone who isn’t a seasoned web designer, was quite a challenge for me. Recognizing that the field of tax services, much like architecture, demands attention to detail, I put in my best effort. My focus was on creating a simple design that still carried an air of sophistication. It was crucial for me to ensure all elements harmonized well and the site was free of unnecessary clutter. In the realm of tax services, clarity and ease of information are key, just like how pictures dominate in architectural websites. I wrapped up the entire design in warm colors, carefully chosen to resonate with the professional style of our client.

A word from the creator:

Designing the, adorned with serene light colors, was a task filled with its own set of challenges. The concept of the layout and the client’s vision posed high expectations. To meet this, I opted for a clean and inviting design that harmonized beautifully with the soft, light color palette. In certain sections, we introduced unique features that contribute to an overall look that resonates with both my design sensibilities and the client’s satisfaction.

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