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August 2023

August’s pages shine with the brilliance of passionate inquiry, teeming with thought-provoking questions and enlightening answers. It’s inspiring to witness an increasing number of young talents gaining valuable industry experience, as their horizons expand with each passing day.

Now, without further ado, let’s embark on a journey to explore the Top 3 sites from August! 😊

A word from the creator:

While working on the Rl Music Education website, I focused on highlighting the necessary information so that visitors to the site could freely and intuitively navigate it. The calm look, broken by a strong orange accent adds to the charate. I like the final effect.

A word from the creator:

The ideal representation of the work of a psychotherapist requires the right selection of various elements on the site. Thanks to the appropriate materials sent by the client, the website was created without any complications. The final design is both modern and elegant, which perfectly fits the nature of the site describing the work of the psychotherapist. Potential visitors can easily find the information they need and read the offer in detail.

A word from the creator:

The client’s distinctive vision and layout concept set a high standard. To meet this, I chose a classic and refined layout that harmonized perfectly with the rich brown tones. In some instances, we incorporated innovative solutions that contribute to a cohesive and visually pleasing final product, meeting both my aesthetic preferences and the client’s satisfaction.

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