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November 2023

November’s pages reflect intense focus, unending curiosity, and continuous learning. We’re thrilled to see more young talents exploring diverse industries and broadening their horizons.

Now, let’s unveil the Top 3 sites from November! 😃

A word from the creator:

Creating the Harvest Life Coaching website was a challenge to combine a lot of photos and reflect the delicacy of the page, I had to choose subdued colors and classic font. The website design process was extremely interesting. The client was interested in showing professionalism but also a friendly atmosphere during the offered services. I am very satisfied with the final effect of the site!

A word from the creator:

Embarking on the project to design the website for was an exhilarating challenge, especially considering my relatively modest experience in web design. Aware of the critical role that meticulous attention to detail plays – a trait as vital in web design as it is in architecture – I was committed to pushing my creative boundaries. My approach was to forge a design that was clean and minimalist, yet imbued with a sense of understated luxury. I was keen on creating a seamless synergy between all elements, ensuring that the website conveyed its message without unnecessary clutter, akin to the way architectural websites prioritize impactful imagery. The final design palette was a blend of serene and inviting tones, thoughtfully selected to reflect the distinctive aura and ethos of our client.

A word from the creator:

I really enjoy creating flower shop websites, so creating this one was a lot of fun. The client chose non-standard colors, but everyone likes the end result. I hope it will serve the client in business development.

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