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December 2023

December’s pages sparkle with the same spirit of intense focus, unending curiosity, and continuous learning. As the year draws to a close, we’re delighted to witness even more young talents pushing the boundaries and venturing into diverse industries, expanding their horizons with unwavering determination.

Without further ado, let’s reveal the Top 3 sites from December!😁

A word from the creator:

Creating a website for Magesty was quite a challenge. The company deals with real estate, so the key to functionality was the presentation of the offer. Easy access to contacts was also important. We chose warm colors for better reception. I am happy that I could work on this project.

A word from the creator:

Creating this page was hard, because the photos of the dishes prepared by the client looked insane and I was thinking about food all the time haha. The exposed photos and clear placement of the texts on the page was a perfect idea.

A word from the creator:

Creating website for Liberty Travel was pure pleasure. The client works out of passion. The key was beautiful photos from her organized trips. The website focuses on easy access to contact information and booking travel.

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