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February 2024

February was a month that inspired our interns to take on new challenges and explore innovative web design solutions. Our group of interns is not slowing down, continuing their creative journey and pushing the boundaries of traditional web design.

These projects not only reflect a passion for aesthetics and functionality, but also demonstrate how advanced technologies and fresh ideas can transform the way we view and use the internet.

A word from the creator:

Creating the Natiowide fire protection staffing agency included collecting information about the guard’s activities, selecting appropriate photos and graphics illustrating their work, and ensuring a clear and easy-to-navigate website structure to effectively provide information about their activities, safety rules and contact methods. I am very satisfied with the result and I think the website reflects their needs and values.

A word from the creator:

As a student undertaking an internship, I developed a website that serves as a practical application of my learned skills and a testament to my growing proficiency in web development. The website showcases a clean and user-friendly interface, designed to ensure that visitors can easily navigate and interact with the content. It features a responsive layout, adapting seamlessly across various devices and screen sizes, and includes interactive elements that engage users. The site also incorporates a portfolio section, where I’ve highlighted projects and assignments I’ve worked on during my internship, demonstrating the breadth and depth of my skills. Furthermore, the website includes a contact form, enabling visitors to reach out directly, thus fostering professional connections and communication. Overall, the website not only reflects my technical abilities but also my dedication to creating meaningful and accessible digital experiences.

A word from the creator:

When creating the “Curious Queer Family” website I wanted the website to be quite minimalistic at the same time fun and colorful, I can feel proud that I am contributing to creating a space where the client can openly share their stories and experiences. It was a real pleasure creating this website!

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