How to write good texts for your website

How to write good texts for your website

From this article, you will learn what content to include on your website and what rules to follow. You will also learn useful tips for inspiring customer confidence.

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What texts to prepare for the website?

Before you start writing text for your website, define its main purpose. Do you prefer customers to make contact with you via a form on the site, or do you want them to contact you directly? Determining this will help you to tailor the functionality of the site to your needs, and direct users to the appropriate forms of interaction.

What is best to include on the website?

In order to make a website effective and attract users, it is a good idea to ensure that the texts are appropriate. Here are suggestions for content to include on your website:

Main page:

The introduction to your company, service or product must attract attention. It is a good idea to include a summary of information about your company, your offer, which will later develop into specific sub-pages.

About us/about company:

A detailed description of your company, mission, vision and values. You can also introduce your team here.

Offer / Services / Products:

Description of the services provided or products offered. Clarity and specific information is important here.


Articles related to the industry in which you operate. This allows you to position your site and build your authority in your field. However, it is important to add content on a regular basis. A blog that is not developed on a regular basis will not bring benefits, i.e. better search engine positioning.


Contact information, such as phone number, email address, social media to be included and optional contact form and address.

Customer reviews:

Feedback from satisfied customers significantly increases the confidence of potential new business.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Answers to typical customer questions. This will make it easier for them to decide to choose your services and save you a lot of time.


If your company is involved in creative or design services, it is worth showing examples of past work.

Remember to write texts in a way that is accessible, understandable to the audience, free of errors and following the principle ‘less is better’.

Distinctive strengths

Every business has its strengths and weaknesses, but your unique strengths are what make your business stand out. Highlight these so customers know what makes your offering unique.

Examples of business strengths:

  • Arrival directly to the customer
  • Guarantee of punctuality in the execution of orders
  • Possibility of online consultation
  • High quality service
  • Call back within one hour
  • Delivery within 2 working days

Company information / about me

Outline your business, your goals and the motivations behind running your business. Tip: Including years of experience and the unique features of your business will inspire confidence. Remember to use clear, easy-to-understand language to reach as many potential customers as possible.

You can also present this information in a concise form elsewhere on the website.

Brief information about your offer

On the main page, introduce your services in brief, dedicating a few sentences of description for each service, for example:

Men's haircuts

The men’s haircut available at our salon provides a professional and tailored haircut. Using the latest trends and techniques, we guarantee satisfaction and a fresh and modern look for every client.

Sombre and ombre

Discover ‘sombre’ and ‘ombre’ colouring techniques in our salon. Ombre creates a pronounced gradient of colour from root to tip, while sombre offers a subtler, more natural tone transition.

Hair colouring

Refresh your look with professional hair colouring in our salon. We offer a wide range of shades and techniques to perfectly match the colour to your style and preferences.

If you opt for a single-page structure (onepage), the featured texts from the offer will be presented harmoniously. On the other hand, if you choose a multi-page format (multipage), you have the freedom to expand the content on the individual sub-pages of the offer.

Provide full contact details

Customers appreciate a variety of means of communication. Make it easy for them to get in touch by providing a variety of contact details, such as email, phone or social media profiles. Also consider including a contact form to accommodate their individual preferences.


Increase credibility - feedback from satisfied customers

Before customers decide to choose a service, they often look for reviews from others. By posting a few reviews on your website, you will build trust in your company, which will attract more customers to take up your offer.

Show what you offer by adding a portfolio or gallery

Photographs in a minimum of FULL HD quality (1920×1080) placed on your website will allow you to present your services in the highest quality. Good visuals will emphasise your professionalism and allow potential clients to see your offer in more detail, which may lead to greater interest in your services. If you do not have good-quality images, rely on specialists who will select suitable ones from their database.

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