Gallery (for creating a portfolio or implementation)

Gallery (for creating a portfolio or implementation)

1. When we open the page in Elementor and add a new section, search for the “Gallery” element in the sidebar (marked 1).

2. Left-click on the “Gallery” element (marked 2).

3. Move the element to the previously created section (marked 3).

4. Set up the gallery according to your preferences.

  • Select the gallery type – Single or Multi-gallery (marked 1)
  • Add photos to the gallery (marked 2)
  • We sort the photos (3 marked)
  • We enable or disable the slow loading effect. It is worth leaving it on, which will affect the page loading speed (marked 4).
  • We choose the gallery layout (marked 5):
    • Grid – recommended if we want to arrange photos like on Instagram.
    • Justified – recommended when we want the photos to line up well, regardless of size, and be even.
    • Masonry – recommended when we want to arrange photos in a more “artistic” way.
  • We choose the number of columns for photos. (marked 6).
  • Here we set the interval between photos (marked 7).
  • We choose whether the photo should enlarge or not after clicking (marked 8).
  • Here we also choose whether there should be an effect of enlarging the photo (marked 9).
  • We set the photo display proportions – if we want to achieve the effect like on Instagram, just set 1:1 (10 marked).
  • We choose the size of the displayed image. The higher the number, the better the quality, but the loading speed may decrease (marked 11).
  • If we want to have a hover effect on the photos, we can use an overlay (marked 12).

5. Sample final gallery effect:

6. Of course, after everything, do not forget to click “Update”.

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