PDF download button

PDF download button

1. After adding the button, its editing options will appear in the sidebar.

2. Here we are interested in the options: “Text” and “Link”. For example, we edit this button to refer to our PDF file.

3. In the button text, enter e.g. “Download PDF”, click the “Update” button at the bottom of the sidebar.

4. Now we need to add our PDF. So we go back to the dashboard by clicking “hamburger” in the sidebar and selecting “Exit”.

5. In the WordPress sidebar, now click “Media”.

6. Then we upload our PDF by dragging the file to the library.

7. Our PDF file will be added, click on it.

8. Now we will need a link to our PDF, so click the “Copy URL to clipboard” button.

9. We go back to our page in Elementor Edit, click our button and paste our link there.

10. If we want our PDF to open in a new tab, click the gear icon.

11. Select the “Open in new window” option. From now on, our file will open in a new window.

12. Finally, we must not forget to click the “Update” button.

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