Single Post Edit

Single Post Edit

If we want to add information that will be displayed in each entry:

1. When you log in to your website and go to the blog preview (e.g., click on one of the entries with the left mouse button (marked 1).

2. At the top you will see a gray admin bar (above the home section of your page).

3. Hover over “Edit in Elementor”.

4. A drop-down list will appear with a “Single Post” button on it.

5. Click on it to go to the Single Post edition, which will allow us to display the selected information or image on all entries.

6. The editor in Elementor will open.

7. We can now make any changes, e.g. add a new header that will be displayed on each entry.

8. Left-click on the “Header” element (marked 1).

9. Move the element to the selected place (marked 2).

10. Of course, after making changes, do not forget to click “Update”.

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