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April 2024

In April, the interns focused on creating websites, refining the projects they had worked on in March. They delved into optimizing user experiences, striving to ensure their websites were both visually appealing and functional. Through usability testing and user data analysis, they created sites that offered intuitive navigation and responsiveness across various devices.

Their creative approach resulted in April’s projects being exemplars of the harmonious combination of aesthetics and functionality, inspiring others to explore new possibilities in the field of web design.

A word from the creator:

I like creating personal sites. The task in this case was to aesthetically present the client and her services. I hope the website will be a great showcase.

A word from the creator:

Creating the website required a commitment to a good understanding of sports aesthetics and emphasizing dynamics and energy through the use of intense, vivid colors. The designer also tried to incorporate functionality and readability to make the site easy to navigate for fans and potential sponsors, encouraging them to interact and support the team. Additionally, the development process required collaboration with the team to reflect their character, values and goals on the online platform, creating a consistent and attractive image for the entire cycling community.

A word from the creator:

As an trainee, I had the opportunity to build a website for STRATEGY ABOVE BORDERS. While working on this project, I tried to take into account the company’s values ​​and goals, creating a website that is visually attractive and easy to navigate.

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