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May 2024

In May, the interns continued their commitment to developing their skills in modern website development, exploring interactive and responsive design in even greater depth. Their overarching goal was not only to delight users with the visual appeal of the sites, but also to provide a seamless and intuitive experience that works seamlessly across devices and screens.

Using advanced techniques and tools, the interns created designs in May that represented the essence of excellence in web design

A word from the creator:

Designing a website for a 360 VR concert recording service was a captivating blend of technology and creative expression. As a computer science student, I usually focus on technical aspects, but this project allowed me to dive into the immersive world of virtual reality and music, which was a completely new experience for me.

A word from the creator:

Designing a website for booking holiday cottages in Greece was a truly enriching blend of technology, user experience design, and cultural appreciation. As a computer science student, my primary focus is often on the technical functionalities, but this project provided a valuable opportunity to also dive into the aspects of travel and leisure, which was quite inspiring.

A word from the creator:

The site I created is related to legal aid in terms of educating young people. I wanted every young person, and parents, to feel safe and comfortable on the site. I hope that many people will gain help. As a student myself, I understand how important education is in life, and what results it produces! The proof of my education is this very site!

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