Our Vision

Number 1 platform for digital growth

“We launched our company with three pivotal decisions in mind: to have a global reach, to focus on digital innovation, and to be self-sustaining. Our journey from a quaint, local outfit to an international educational platform mirrors these goals, propelling us towards our vision of being the leading platform for digital growth.”

- Gediminas Jankauskas

Our Mission:

Connecting young talents with Small businesses for mutual digital growth

“At WAcademy, it’s more than just education; it’s about cultivating a culture where growth and peak performance are standard. Every phase of our growth underlines our mission: connecting young talent with small businesses for mutual digital growth.”

- Marcin Kisielewski

Global recognition of Academy

“WAcademy’s Web Design Interns Have Successfully Developed Over 30,000 Free Websites for Global SMEs” – Yahoo! Finance

Our People

We are a young team of over 120 people across 9 countries, united by talent and a passion for innovation.

Our Markets

Our reach is global, with client partnerships on almost every continent.
We do not have any clients in Antarctica, yet 🙁

Our Story

Originating as a web design company in Lithuania, Wacademy journey began with a simple realization – finding the right employees with the required skills was a challenge. Fueled by the desire to bridge this gap, we embarked on a mission to teach web design ourselves.

As we nurtured and mentored emerging talent, something remarkable happened. The websites created by our interns not only met but exceeded our expectations in terms of quality and creativity. This revelation inspired us to envision something greater – a platform where we could connect this emerging talent with small businesses in need of digital solutions.

Year by Year Growth


Our journey commenced in Lithuania, faced with challenges in finding skilled workers. Shifting gears, we began offering WordPress design and development courses, recruiting the top students. This strategy wasn't merely about education; it was about creating real-life opportunities for skill and business growth.


As our role expanded in Lithuania, the necessity to move beyond our local market became evident, in line with our vision of broader digital growth.


Embracing new horizons, we branched out into Latvia and Poland, with fresh offices and key team members bolstering our ranks. This expansion marked a crucial phase in our mission to bridge the gap between budding talent and small businesses.


Continuing our stride, we entered Slovakia, solidifying our European footprint and inching closer to our vision of being the top platform in digital growth.


Our launch in Ireland not only connected more students and businesses but also brought us a step closer to our vision of leading in digital growth.


Our ambitions took us towards exploring the Asian market, aligning with our goal to make a global impact.


A milestone year - expanding into the United Kingdom and Spain, we began offering our services across Europe, a leap towards our dream of being the foremost platform in digital growth


We went beyond, reaching into North America, Australia, and Africa, positioning ourselves as a global force in digital education and service, aligning perfectly with our vision and mission.


Advancing into South America, we drew ever closer to our objective of global leadership in the digital domain.


Focused on becoming a global leader, our steps are now larger and more assured than ever. We embody our mission, connecting young talent with small businesses worldwide, driving mutual digital growth.

Looking Forward

Starting as a small firm in Lithuania to evolving into an international digital education academy, WAcademy’s journey is a story of ambition, strategic growth, and commitment to our vision and mission.

We continue to expand, fueled by the drive to empower young talents and small businesses, fostering a community where education and practice unite for digital excellence. Join us in this exciting journey – together, we’re not just shaping the digital future; we’re leading it.

2023 results 

Our clients

From beauty salons and healthcare to consultants and lawyers, over 30,000 SMEs have been our valued clients.
They share a story much like yours.