25 Aesthetic Color Palettes for Any Business Website

Published 08 August, 2023 Updated 10 August, 2023

Many different aspects go into designing a website, and choosing the right color palette that represents the brand and engages visitors is one of them. Discover color palettes that will inspire you.

25 Aesthetic Color Palettes for Any Business Website

In an era where visual content dominates, colors hold immense power and influence. Colors can evoke certain moods, trigger memories and convey meaning without words. From vibrant hues that inspire action to soothing, harmonious shades that promote relaxation. The strategic use of aesthetic colors can create strong emotional connections with online audiences.

A crucial aspect of the web design process is the selection of colors. The right color scheme can boost visual appeal, convey brand personality and create a memorable brand identity. But what colors should you use on your website and why? This article explores 25 exquisite aesthetic color palettes to aid you in choosing your own website color scheme. 

How to choose a color palette for a website

Creating cohesive and impactful website color schemes requires careful consideration of various factors. 

First, your brand’s colors must align with your brand’s personality, values and target audience. Remember that each color carries its own psychological and cultural associations. So, you must understand the intended message and emotions your brand wants to convey

Additionally, you must consider color harmony and contrast to ensure a visually pleasing and balanced composition of your website color palette. Ultimately, your colors should complement each other and create a harmonious flow throughout the website. 

To help you select and combine colors appropriately, let’s explore some concepts of color psychology, starting with the fundamentals of color theory.  

Step 1: Understand the basics of color theory

At its core, color theory explores the principles and relationships between colors. Color theory is essential to make informed decisions in creating website color palettes. 

Making effective color choices starts with the color wheel, a visual tool that provides a reference for color combinations. The color wheel represents primary colors (red, blue and yellow), secondary colors (orange, green and purple) and tertiary colors (e.g., red-orange or blue-green), arranged in a specific order. 

A color wheel representing warm and cool colors.
The color wheel

Another important aspect of color theory is color harmony. It explores the relationships between different colors on the color wheel and how they interact to create a balanced and aesthetically pleasing composition. 

Here are some commonly used color harmony schemes. 

  • Complementary color scheme: Pairing colors opposite each other on the color wheel can create a vibrant and contrasting effect.
  • Analogous color scheme: Colors found adjacent to one another offer a harmonious blend that can be used to establish a smooth and unified appearance. 
  • Triadic color scheme: Selecting three evenly spaced colors on the color wheel can help create a vibrant and dynamic color palette. 
  • Monochromatic color scheme: The combination of different shades, tints and tones of a single color that lightens or darkens the original hue. For example, where light grey serves as the primary color, medium and dark grey are used to add depth and contrast. 

Step 2: Consider what emotions different colors invoke

Undeniably, colors are vital in shaping a consumer’s perception of your brand. 

Note that different colors have varying psychological and emotional associations. So, you should carefully consider the moods and emotions certain colors evoke to choose the most appropriate colors for your brand. 

Let’s look at some colors and their common associations. 

  • Blue is typically associated with trust, loyalty and stability. 
  • Red (especially bright red) conveys a sense of urgency, passion and intensity. 
  • Green represents nature, growth, and tranquility. Unsurprisingly, shades of green are often chosen by environmental, wellness and agricultural businesses. 
  • Yellow and orange are warm colors usually associated with optimism, warmth and creativity. 
  • Purple (both light and deep purple) symbolize luxury, mystery and spirituality. 
  • Black & white is a classic color combination traditionally associated with minimalism, modernism, elegance and sophistication. 

Do not forget that colors may carry different meanings and connotations in different cultural contexts. For example, while white is associated with purity and peace in some cultures, it symbolizes mourning in others.

Step 3: Think about the brand message

When deciding on your website color palette, you should also consider what message you want to convey. Needless to say, your chosen colors should align with your values and reinforce your brand’s identity. 

Unconsciously, you probably associate certain colors with specific industries or business types. For example, eco-friendly companies and agricultural businesses often choose natural colors like green as their primary color because it signifies growth, sustainability and harmony with nature. 

On the other hand, companies in the financial and medical sectors may use blue (e.g., light blue, royal blue, classic blue or even electric blue) in their branding because it symbolizes trust, reliability and professionalism. 

A muted palette of pastel colors is often used by businesses in industries that aim to evoke a sense of softness. These businesses may sell beauty, lifestyle and children’s products. On the flip side, warmer and more vibrant colors like red, orange and yellow are commonly utilized by businesses in the fitness, food and entertainment industries. 

What is an aesthetic color palette?

An aesthetic color palette refers to a carefully curated combination of colors that create a visually attractive and harmonious look and feel for a website. Here are two main categories of aesthetic color palettes. 

  • Classic color palettes: Classic color palettes are typically more reserved . They also follow the color theory principles more strictly, focusing on color harmony, contrast and unity. For example, a classic aesthetic palette may use black and white as the dominant colors and pair them with shades of blue.
  • Trending color palettes: Trending color palettes reflect current preferences and styles in the design world. They are often more adventurous and unconventional. In 2023, Coastal Grandma, Regencycore and Cottagecore are the trending styles that heavily rely on color. For example, the Cottagecore aesthetic color palette celebrates soft and muted hues inspired by the nostalgic charm of cottage living.

So what’s the best color palette to use? The answer is simple: The best aesthetic color palette is the one that represents your business’ authentic voice. 

For example, some websites look best when the dominant colors are black & white (classic color palette). Others look best when they incorporate trendy, funky colors. At the end of the day, all color combos work for different businesses, and there really is no best color palette. It all comes down to individual choice.

25 amazing combinations of aesthetic colors from WAcademy interns

Let’s dive into our handpicked collection of 25 visually-appealing website color schemes carefully curated by WAcademy interns. These selections represent various styles and industries, from classic and timeless palettes to trendy and eye-catching combinations. 

If you need help choosing your own color palette and designing your own business website, our trained web designers can help with that. The best part is they can help design your entire site for free. We already have a proven track record of success with more than 30,000 business websites designed for free. Yours can be next!

Green and cream

The eye-catching combination of cream and green colors perfectly represents a beauty website. The soft cream tones provide a calming backdrop, while the subtle hints of green allude to rejuvenation and natural vitality. 

Screenshot of a website with a green and cream color palette.

Green and yellow

This beautiful combination of dark green and yellow reflects growth, optimism and ambition. Therefore, it is a suitable website color scheme for a consultancy business that empowers people to unlock their full potential.

Screenshot of a website with a green and yellow color palette.

Green and dark tones

With a captivating blend of rich, deep greens and dark tones, this website color scheme perfectly captures the essence of the tea business, inviting visitors to indulge in a serene and flavorful experience.

Screenshot of a website with a green and dark tones color palette.

Green and brown

For an eco-minded business, an aesthetic color palette of green and brown earthy tones makes perfect sense. The green represents freshness and environmental consciousness, while the brown adds a touch of nature and calm.

Screenshot of a website with a green and brown color palette.

Yellow and grey

This harmonious color combination of yellow and deep grey exudes a lively, approachable atmosphere that is sure to resonate with dog owners seeking trustworthy expertise. The yellow hues bring the enthusiasm and energy of dogs to this design, complemented by the calming and stable tones of grey representing professionalism.

Screenshot of a website with a yellow and grey color palette.

Yellow and black

This yellow and black website color scheme exudes a sense of power and determination. This perfectly aligns with the personal trainer’s mission of helping clients achieve their fitness goals. 

Screenshot of a website with a yellow and black color palette.

Orange and white

This light orange and white color palette creates a harmonious balance that represents the clarity and fulfillment associated with personal transformation, which is the main message of the website. 

Screenshot of a website with an orange and white color palette.

Orange and blue

For this IT website, our interns chose a color palette of deep blue tones contrasting nicely with the orange shade in the background image and website elements. The bold orange represents creativity, and the blue tones convey trustworthiness and reliability, making it a fitting website color scheme for an IT consultancy business. 

Screenshot of a website with an orange and blue color palette.

Red and orange

This website color scheme features a dynamic blend of two bright colors – red and orange. These colors exude a passionate and energetic vibe that ambitious individuals can resonate with, which is Quantum Leap’s primary audience.

Screenshot of a website with a red and orange color palette.

Red and black

This striking color combination of red and black evokes passion and creativity, which mirrors the artist’s expertise in weaving vibrant storytelling through animated videos.

Screenshot of a website with a red and black color palette.

Red, black and white

To explore the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit, this website color scheme features the color combination of three bold colors: red, black and white. Together, these colors signify energy, discipline and meditation, embodying the essence of Yoga for BJJ.

Screenshot of a website with a red, black and white color palette.

Pink and white

For a beauty-focused website, an aesthetic color palette of soft pink with pristine white was a smart choice. This color combination conveys an atmosphere of nurturement and self-care that the target audience can resonate with. 

Screenshot of a website with a pink and white color palette.

Pink and beige

Here’s another alluring website color scheme that features pink, but this time, in combination with beige tones. The playful pink exudes a sense of youthfulness and style, while the timeless beige adds a touch of elegance, versatility and sophistication. 

Screenshot of a website with a pink and beige color palette.

Lilac and green

When your mission is to empower individuals on a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth, your website color scheme should evoke emotions that align with this purpose. For Chrysa’s website, our interns applied an enchanting color palette of lilac and green, which together exude a sense of spirituality and inner peace, connecting well with a target audience of individuals seeking clarity and personal fulfillment.  

Screenshot of a website with a violet and green color palette.

Purple and white

This aesthetic color palette of deep purples and whites was undoubtedly an excellent choice for this holistic healing business website. If you want to create an atmosphere of tranquility, spirituality and purity, you can draw inspiration from this website color scheme.

Screenshot of a website with a purple and white color palette.

Lavender and white

Muted colors have a calming and soothing effect, making the delicate fusion of lavender (pastel purple) and white a perfect website color combination for a beauty brand. This color scheme creates a smooth, unified aesthetic that conveys a sense of luxury, refinement and a focus on self-care. 

Screenshot of a website with a lavender and white color palette.

Blue and white

Our interns chose a color combination of white and blue shades (navy blue and sky blue) for this online educational platform. Since blue is a universal symbol of trust, businesses looking to establish a professional and trustworthy image can pair blue with white to create an aesthetic color palette. 


Blue and yellow

For a business that brings children together through football, a combination of tangerine yellow and a brighter blue color makes for an excellent website color scheme. This color palette symbolizes children’s vibrant and energetic vibe while simultaneously conveying the message of harmony and growth.

Screenshot of a website with a blue and yellow color palette.

Blue on blue

With a monochromatic color palette of royal blue on a light blue background, the website of this dental laboratory clearly communicates trust, reliability and professionalism. 

Screenshot of a website with a blue color palette.

Blue and red

This website features a strategic combination of bright blue color and a light touch of red to make other elements stand out. The predominant use of dark blue communicates reliability, while the red hues demonstrate the company’s passion and commitment to driving successful recruitment outcomes.

Screenshot of a website with a red and blue color palette.

Warm tones

Our interns settled for warm brown tones to visually illustrate the ambiance of a coffee shop for this website. The natural earth tones of brown create a cozy, down-to-earth atmosphere inviting visitors to savor the moment and immerse themselves in the coffee experience. 

Screenshot of a website with a warm tones color palette.

Bold colors

The Khyal Arts website features bright accent color combinations. From vibrant orange to hot pink to vivid yellow to electric blue. Together, these bright colors exude an atmosphere of energy, creativity and excitement reflective of businesses in the fashion, arts and entertainment industries.

Screenshot of a website with a bold colors color palette.

Pops of color

Using pops of color and bright tones on a white background sets a lively and dynamic mood right from the go. This bright color palette adds vibrancy and reflects the dynamic and creative nature of this Coconut & SEO website. 

Screenshot of a website with a color palette of pops of color.

Dark theme

Using a dark theme with bold accent colors aligns with color trends that embrace minimalism, sleekness and high contrast. The combination of a dark background on this fitness website with red – a bold feature color – makes other design elements pop and grab attention, creating a visually immersive environment.

Screenshot of a website with a dark theme color palette.


Muted tones of pastels convey a sense of refinement and sophistication, making it well-suited for fashion, art, beauty, lifestyle and wellness business websites.

Screenshot of a website with a pastel color palette.

So, which color scheme will you choose for your business? Whether you want to incorporate lime green, three color combinations, dark blue or pops of accent colors in predominantly white space, we can help you bring your vision to reality. Trust our interns to find the right website color scheme and apply an aesthetic color palette that will help your brand stand out. 

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