Building a Construction Website: 8 Great Free Web Design Examples

Published 25 August, 2023 Updated 21 September, 2023

What are the most important things when building a construction website? How to create a website design that shines? How to do it all on a budget? Keep reading to find out.

Building a Construction Website: 8 Great Free Web Design Examples

Did you know that 76% of consumers visit a company’s website before visiting its physical location? Considering the magnitude and financial implications of most construction projects, people are likely to be even more meticulous when researching construction firms. That means that when you build a construction website, you are crafting a powerful digital marketing tool that can help you generate trust, showcase expertise and drive traffic. 

A professional construction website allows interested visitors to explore your portfolio, read client testimonials and understand the range of services you offer. And how do you create a construction website that effectively demonstrates your company’s professionalism and expertise?

Continue reading to learn how to build a construction company website that propels your business toward success. Also, find amazing construction website examples that were designed for free.

Key highlights

  • A construction business website should have a domain name that is short, memorable and has the appropriate top-level domain (TLD) extension.
  • Professional construction site design goes beyond a simple layout and basic elements and employs mobile responsiveness, portfolios, testimonials, SEO and other elements to ensure success. 
  • While free websites do not exist, it is easy to leverage free web design services to cut down website project costs.

4-step guide to building a construction company website

Establishing credibility and trust is vital for any business to land new clients. A functional and attractive website can help with that. On the flip side, a poorly-built website can leave a potential client assuming that your construction company should not be trusted. Let’s discuss how you can get your construction site up and running. 

1. Define your goals and objectives

A clear purpose can pave the way for an impactful online presence. This is why the first step in the process of building a great website is defining your goals and objectives. 

By specifying what you want to achieve with your business website, you can ensure that every design element, content choice and functionality aligns with your overarching vision. 

Whether you are a big construction company looking to reinforce your market position or a growing firm that wants to attract new customers, a clear sense of purpose will guide you toward building a construction website that achieves your desired outcomes.

2. Secure a domain name

Would clients remember your construction company if your website name consisted of multiple words, like Of course, they would not. This is exactly why your domain name should be short and easily recognizable.

When selecting a domain name, there are a few best practices to keep in mind.

  • Choose a domain name that reflects the name of your construction company. Consistency between your business name and domain name enhances recognition and strengthens your online identity. 
  • Keep your domain name short. This will prevent potential clients from entering the wrong name or not finding you at all. 
  • Choose an appropriate TLD extension. Common domain extensions like .com or .net are generally preferred as they are more familiar to internet users. However, if your construction business operates within a specific country, consider using country-code extensions like for the United Kingdom or .ca for Canada.

3. Choose a hosting service provider

You need a technological infrastructure to house your website’s content so people can access it online. While it is possible to host your own website, this is not an affordable option for small websites. You can save a lot of money by choosing the right hosting company. 

That said, hosting providers are different, and choosing the right one can directly impact your website’s performance, security and overall user experience. For example, if your hosting service is unreliable, site visitors may experience interruptions or delays when accessing your website, leading to a negative user experience. 

To ensure your construction website remains accessible to visitors, choose providers with a track record of high server uptime and fast loading times. Prioritize hosting providers that offer robust security features and measures to protect your website from cyberthreats.

4. Create the website design and layout

All the work you’ve done so far leads to this critical juncture, where your construction website starts to take shape. A website design encompasses the visual elements, aesthetics and user interface, while the layout is the organization and presentation of content. 

By combining a captivating design with an intuitive layout, you can build a fantastic website that engages website visitors and effectively acquires more customers. 

Aside from having the right tools, creating the perfect website for your construction business requires various skills that may be outside your expertise as a construction professional. So, hiring an expert is the right decision.

Popular construction website design options

Here are three most popular web design options when building a construction website. 

  1. Get free web design: Some providers offer free website design services, which can be an attractive option for those on a tight budget. Although there are genuine offerings, you may also come across services that use misleading offers or have hidden fees. Needless to say, do not trust just anyone. 
  2. Use a website builder: A website builder is a platform that enables you to design a website without extensive technical knowledge. However, while a builder may seem relatively easy to use, you are limited to the design options provided by the platform, making it challenging to create fully custom websites for most businesses. Furthermore, seemingly low monthly payments add up over time.
  3. Hire a web design freelancer or agency: You can employ the services of an independent professional or web design company to create your website. Unfortunately, finding the right professional and going through the interview process can take up a lot of time. Another major downside of this option is that it can be quite expensive. Freelancers can charge anywhere from $1,000 per project, while it is normal for agencies to charge $10,000 and up.

What makes a construction website effective?

Whether you choose a construction website builder, a web design expert or a full-on agency, your website must be aesthetically appealing, user-friendly and optimized to achieve the desired business objectives. Here are some of the key features of an effective construction website design.   

  • Mobile responsiveness: An important aspect of well-designed construction company websites is seamless adaptability to different mobile devices – i.e., mobile friendliness.
  • Call-to-Action (CTA) elements: Well-placed CTAs on a construction website encourage more visitors to take desired actions, such as contacting the construction firm for inquiries or requesting a quote. 
  • Contact and location information: A construction company website should feature contact details (e.g., via a dedicated contact page) to capture leads and facilitate communication with potential customers. Also, integrating the Google Maps feature allows new visitors to easily locate the physical location of the construction company. 
  • Portfolio section: Ideally, there is visual evidence of expertise on a construction company website, which is achievable by showcasing engaging images or videos of past projects. The portfolio should be curated and updated frequently. 
  • Testimonials and Reviews: Featuring client testimonials and reviews on a construction website is essential to building trust and credibility with prospective clients.
  • Search engine optimization: Implementing search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, like using relevant keywords in blog page articles, can make a construction company website discoverable on search engines. 

How to build a construction website for free

Here’s the kicker: It is not possible to build a website completely free.

We’re setting the record straight on the misconception that website creation can be entirely cost-free. At the very least, you need to pay for domain name registration, hosting and perhaps website maintenance.

So be cautious of companies that claim to offer completely free websites. Service providers that promise this usually have hidden fees or simply cannot adequately meet your business needs.  

The good news is that you can significantly cut web building costs while still getting a top-quality construction website. With WAcademy, small businesses can get a fully-functional website without paying design fees. How is this possible? Through an innovative virtual internship program that we established for aspiring web designers.

While our interns get the opportunity to build a portfolio of real-world projects, you, as a small business owner, get a custom website designed for free. It’s a symbiotic relationship that allows us to support you in reducing expenses on website creation while empowering the next generation of web designers. 

So, if you’re ready to take your construction business online without breaking the bank, join forces with us and reserve your slot. 

8 examples of construction websites designed for free

Below is a curated collection of websites that WAcademy interns designed for construction companies. This is a testament to how free web design services can provide clients with unique, attractive and functional websites. 

Meticulously designed by our interns, these websites are tailored to the unique requirements of construction businesses. From intuitive navigation that allows prospective clients to explore projects effortlessly to stunning visual galleries that put the finest work front and center, these are some of the best construction websites designed by WAcademy interns. 

Log cabins

On this website, the About Us section contains a brief but compelling message highlighting the company’s dedication to delivering top-notch construction services. Scroll down, and you can find three visually striking images of what Logtech Ltd offers. Each image is a gateway to a more detailed landing page where interested parties can view additional images and find transparent pricing ranges to streamline their decision-making process.

Screenshot of a website representing construction business.

Specialist contractors

Shaftesbury Construction company’s homepage is draped in a signature purple color scheme. It establishes brand recognition and evokes a sense of sophistication that sets the tone for the elegance and professionalism of the construction brand. The website’s one-page design enables visitors to find everything they need in one place, which eliminates unnecessary loading times. 

Screenshot of a website representing construction business.

Commercial construction

The dynamic display of construction images on DrB Construction Ltd home page is bound to leave visitors inspired by the possibilities of the services offered. At the bottom of the page, a cleverly integrated map feature ensures that anyone interested in construction services knows how to locate the company. The included contact details and links to social media accounts further ensure credibility. 

Screenshot of a website representing construction business.

Family-owned home builders

A picture is worth a thousand words, and that is true for Tremula Property’s website. The homepage features a high-quality project image of a building to showcase the results the company is proud of. While the homepage is concise, it guides visitors to explore more. The clear and intuitive navigation elements take visitors through different pages, ensuring they can quickly find what they need. 

Screenshot of a website representing construction business.

Home renovation

The Renovate Your Space website includes a feature that allows visitors to switch between Bulgarian and English, catering to multiple markets. As you explore the homepage, you can discover a collection of heartfelt reviews from past clients, instilling confidence in the company’s expertise. Coupled with the logo display of some of the prominent brands the construction company has partnered with, visitors are informed about the caliber of projects it undertakes. 

Screenshot of a website representing construction business.

One-stop-shop builder

Ancient Construction are proud to showcase their Facebook social media profile on the homepage. There’s also a captivating project portfolio section featuring images of the company’s work, where every project has a dedicated portfolio page. The company showcases stunning images along with short descriptions.

Screenshot of a website representing construction business.

Construction recruitment

Construction is not all about building. Recruiting workers is a crucial part of the construction industry, and that is what Locus Trinity Recruitment is all about. The clean, uncluttered layout immediately draws visitors in. One of the website’s highlights is the contact form feature. This allows visitors to easily reach out to the company, providing a direct communication line for both job seekers and construction companies.

Screenshot of a website representing construction business.

Construction education

Educating construction professionals is another important part of the industry. ConStructEd’s website stands out due to a dynamic display of images of individuals the company has trained. Nestled right above the hero section, you can find both a physical address and an email address, which ensures visitors can easily make further inquiries.

Screenshot of a website representing construction business.

Ready to make your construction company visible online? We can design a professional, functional and custom-made website supported by all the features you require. Register today!