10 Inspiring Business Consultancy & Life Coaching Website Examples Designed for Free

Published 03 August, 2023 Updated 19 September, 2023

Did you know you can get a life coaching or business consultancy website designed for free? Discover how trained interns can help your business website lift off.

10 Inspiring Business Consultancy & Life Coaching Website Examples Designed for Free

Are you a business consultant or a life coach looking to create a representative website? Defining the concept of your site is the first step in guiding the design process. We understand that generating creative ideas for your site’s design and content can be challenging. To ignite your creativity, we’ve compiled a list of ten inspiring business consultancy and life coaching website examples. 

Discover how to launch consultancy and coaching websites and find practical tips to make your website primed for success. Whether you’re a seasoned consultant or a passionate life coach, discover how an impactful online presence can be affordable and within reach. 

How to launch a consultancy or coaching business website

Now that you are prepared to establish an online presence for your consultancy or coaching business with a website, you need to plan the actions you must take to accomplish this. Here are some of the most crucial steps you will need to complete.

  • Determine your website’s purpose: To ensure the success of your website, define your main goals first. This can guide your site’s design and content to make it more effective in achieving your intended objectives.
  • Define your target audience: Do you offer leadership consulting for tech startups or business coaching for busy professionals? Be clear about who your services are for so you can make informed decisions during the design phase. 
  • Choose a domain name: Your business’s digital identity is represented by a domain name, the unique address people will use to access your website. To establish a distinctive online presence, choose a domain name that is easy to remember and accurately reflects your brand identity as a life coach or consultant.
  • Pick the right web host: A web host offers the technology and infrastructure that makes your website accessible online. A reliable web hosting service provider will ensure that your website is consistently accessible, secure and performs optimally.
  • Design your site: As a consultant or life coach, your website should reflect your expertise through its design. Remember that a well-designed site combines aesthetics with functionality and user-friendliness.

Once your website design is ready, do not forget about post-launch steps that will help you take your website to the next level:

  • Review and test your website thoroughly to ensure all features and links work correctly and the design is consistent across different devices.
  • Strategically place clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons across your pages to encourage conversions of website visitors.
  • Optimize your website using search engine optimization best practices by incorporating relevant keywords and meta tags to improve visibility.
  • Prioritize security by implementing security measures like SSL certificates for a safe browsing experience.

While determining your website’s purpose and its target audience might be a complicated process, small businesses often find choosing the right web design option the most significant first challenge. Let’s look at three of the most popular options when it comes to finding the right web designer.

Free web design services

Yes, free website design services exist. This can be an appealing option, especially if you are trying to build a website on a tight budget. However, always pay attention when offered something that seems too good to be true.

First and foremost, beware of potential scams and fraudulent offers. Some service providers may lure you in with promises of free services but then engage in unethical practices or hide fees that become apparent only once you are signed up.

Second, pay attention to the actual benefits that free website design services offer. Unfortunately, in many cases, free offerings come with limited customization and functionality options. For example, you may have restricted design options or minimal control over your website’s branding, layout and color scheme.

Fortunately, trustworthy free website design services do exist. At WAcademy, we value full transparency to ensure that our clients know exactly what they will be getting by joining our program, where interns offer free web design services in return for valuable experience. 

In short, be careful who you trust and always pay attention to pricing and terms. A reliable service provider will clearly communicate limitations or upgrade options without hiding fees.

Paid web design services

While interns are professionals in training, you might opt for hiring experienced professionals right off the bat. In this case, you might decide to hire a freelancer, a website design company or perhaps even an in-house team. Obviously, the web design costs will vary based on the option you choose. 

While an in-house web design team may seem like the best option, it can be a substantial financial commitment. According to salary.com, the average yearly salary of a web designer in the US is around $79K. The actual salary is impacted by the expert’s education level, years of experience, certifications, etc. Additionally, you may need to factor in recruitment costs, benefits and overhead expenses.

What about hiring a freelance website designer? Most freelancers set a fixed fee per project or charge per hour. On Upwork, for example, the hourly rates of web designers range from $15-$30/hr on average. However, you might be charged much more depending on the project scope, workload, location and design platform.

Hiring a freelancer or an in-house employee is usually cheaper than hiring an agency. In this case, the client usually pays per hour or per project, depending on the agreement. The cost may vary based on the agency’s reputation, location, project scope, etc. For example, the average hourly rate of a website design company hired on Clutch is $100-$149/hr.

Website builders

Another popular option among small businesses looking to create business websites is using website builders. Such popular website builder platforms as Wix and Squarespace empower businesses to take a do-it-yourself approach when creating and launching a business website. 

Due to their ease of use, web builders have gained widespread adoption in recent years. According to BuiltWith, over 17 million websites are built with web builders. The success seems to hide in the price point – the basic plans on some of these platforms can be as low as $16/month, making them seem affordable. Unfortunately, what some businesses do not account for is that monthly fees eventually add up to larger sums. 

Moreover, the cheapest plans of website builders often come with limitations relating to storage, bandwidth and essential features. This means businesses eventually need to upgrade and pay for more expensive plans to access advanced functionalities. 

Ultimately, web builders might seem to offer a cost-effective solution at first. However, even the best website builder eventually comes with long-term expenses and potential hidden costs.

Free web design services for business consultants and life coaches 

If you’re looking to create a custom, professional website for your consultancy or business coaching practice, WAcademy’s free website design service is the option to consider. Why? 

We run a virtual internship training program for aspiring web designers, UX designers and graphic designers. All of them need practical experience to build professional portfolios and start their careers. Which is where small business owners come in. 

If you represent a small or medium enterprise (SME), our interns can build a professional website for you in just 20-30 business days. What’s in it for us? Our interns hone their skills so they can become better. 

Can our interns handle the responsibility? To date, we have offered free website designs to over 30,000 SMEs, including business consultants, life coaches, business coaches, health coaches and other small business owners. So we can confidently say that our interns can certainly handle your project too!

Here are some of the best life coach website templates designed by WAcademy interns. Whether you’re a business or personal coach, health and wellness coach or self-care coach, these top life coaching websites will inspire you. You truly are one click away from launching a website to represent your professional coaching services. 

Best business consultancy websites from WAcademy interns

Here are a few great coaching websites for businesses and professionals. These websites deserve the spotlight  because of their unique and fresh designs, clear call-to-action buttons and other standout features. Take a look. 

Best life coach websites from WAcademy interns

Every great website has a few common denominators: SEO-friendly design, unique visual elements, easily notable call-to-action buttons and, perhaps most importantly, a clear message introduced in an accessible way. Every single one of these websites is a great example of how smart design choices can help promote coaching services.

What makes a good consultancy or coaching website? 3 tips to make your website stand out

Now that you’ve drawn inspiration from the business and life coaching websites above, it’s time to create a great coaching website that establishes a personal connection with visitors and converts them into paying clients. If you want your business or life coach website to form a good impression in the minds of your audience at first glance, implement these three tips. 

Tip #1: Leverage social proof

Social proof validates consultancy and life coach websites, demonstrating that others have benefited from the coach’s expertise and achieved desirable results. With image or video testimonials, recommendations from other well-known coaches, client success stories and case studies, you can provide tangible evidence of the value and effectiveness of your services. 

By showing your potential clients you have a track record of previous wins, you can assuage doubts and hesitations about them working with you. Remember – a good coaching website will let your expertise shine. 

To build an effective website, you can also consider adding social media links to your profiles, where people might be able to engage with your content more directly. Leverage your social accounts to share updates, upcoming events, healthy lifestyle tips, and anything else that will make your visitor want to come back to you and your website.

Tip #2: Highlight your qualifications and experience

Highlighting your professional journey on your business consultancy or life coach website not only adds a personal touch but can achieve two other great things. First, it lends authenticity and authority to your brand. Secondly, it helps potential clients relate to your own experiences, which helps you build trust in your ability to guide them toward their goals. 

An effective way to highlight your qualifications and experience as a life coach or business consultant is to create a dedicated About Me or Meet the Coach/Consultant page. Here, you can share your background story and communicate your expertise and accomplishments. Include a personal image taken by a professional photographer and display relevant credentials such as certifications, degrees and affiliations with reputable organizations for best results. 

Tip #3: Implement an online booking system

Hopefully, if you’ve followed the steps above, potential clients will be excited about the opportunity to work with you. At this point, they will want to reach out to you. This is where you get to know them personally and determine if they’re the right fit for your services. 

There should be a contact form on your website to facilitate easy communication. You can also consider utilizing an online booking system that allows a website visitor to schedule one-on-one appointments much more conveniently. 

Register for FREE web design services

Ready to launch your own website and help others? Whether it be coaching websites that represent pro coaching services or consultancy websites that guide visitors toward success. Our interns can help you design a custom website that communicates your value and expertise as a business consultant or life coach. 

As you now know, our website design services are 100% free. However, keep in mind that domain name registration and hosting are outside the scope of the WAcademy project. The good news is that our partner Getspace shares the value in helping small businesses and can offer a great hosting package for a budget-friendly price.

Interested in a free custom, user-friendly website design that reflects your unique life coach or consultant approach? Click the link below, and let’s figure out how to build the website of your dreams!