6 Reasons To Integrate Social Media Feed On Your Business Website

Published 09 June, 2023 Updated 27 July, 2023

If you run a successful social media account, why not use it on your business website? Discover the benefits of social media feed integration.

6 Reasons To Integrate Social Media Feed On Your Business Website

Social media platforms have become an integral part of the daily lives of billions of people. Including businesses that plan, strategize and deliver posts and reuse them on websites to promote different communication channels. But does every business need a social media feed on a website?

People use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn and many other popular social channels not only to communicate with each other but also to stay on top of the news, product launches, gossip and everything in between. And since social media is so important, companies recognize that they should take advantage of it as much as possible. One way to do that is to integrate a social media feed, also known as a social media wall.

By embedding social media feeds on websites, businesses can reap all kinds of benefits and access millions of potential customers. After all, there are over 5.1 billion internet users and 4.7 billion social media users worldwide. So, running a website without a social media feed might not make sense for your business. 

Let’s explore some key reasons why businesses should add social media feed elements and engage in social media marketing. 

Key highlights

  • By embedding a social media feed, you can increase your website visitors’ engagement and interest in your offering.
  • Social media feeds can lead visitors directly to social media posts, and the correct strategy could also help increase sales.
  • Increasing your social media presence leads to better brand recognition and awareness across different audiences. 

What is a social media feed?

A social media feed is a collection of social media posts from various platforms. For example, your social feed can contain all the posts from your Twitter feed, Instagram feed, Facebook feed and all the other social feeds you have. 

Once you have the collection, you can embed it via a social feed on your WordPress website so that visitors can see it. However, social media feeds are not only a collection of your own posts. You can also create a branded hashtag, mention or tag for your brand. This would enable you to reuse the posts of the visitors and customers who have mentioned your products or services online. In short, you can embed user-generated content on your website in addition to your own posts. 

You can collect different posts and create a social media feed full of colorful Instagram images, YouTube videos and content from other social media networks. You can even create a feed that fits your goals best, including a news feed, a video feed and a hashtag feed.

To create a fun social media wall on your site, you can use social media aggregators that pull random posts from your own social media feed and from the posts that have your hashtag. Once you collect the content you need, you can showcase it using an embedded HTML code.

Social media feed examples

There are many excellent social media feed examples you can get inspired by. Here are a few examples of social feeds that can surely keep your visitors engaged.

  • Live social media feed: Live social feeds show social media content based on hashtags. For instance, if you have a hashtag of your company’s name, your social wall shows an up-to-date social feed that represents the posts of people using that particular hashtag. Essentially, this is your hashtag feed.
  • Instagram feed (slider widget): You can embed social media feed from different Instagram users and from your existing account using a carousel layout that visitors can slide through to see different posts. A slider widget can be a great addition to your chosen landing web page or even the home page.
  • YouTube feed: You can create a social media wall that shows different videos related to your company via an embedded code element that redirects visitors to the desired YouTube video. By embedding social media content from YouTube, you can also promote your YouTube channel and gain more subscribers. Companies often take advantage of embedded videos to introduce video tutorials and guides.
  • Pinterest feed: Pinterest is a visual search engine. So, if you have high-quality, inspiring images, why not use them to attract website visitors via Pinterest? Likewise, you can collect pins and introduce them via a social media feed that gives your visitors direct access to your Pinterest account and selected boards.

Top reasons to embed social media feeds on business websites

So, what are some of the top reasons for companies and individuals to embed social media feeds on their websites? Let’s dive deep.

Reason #1: Adding a social media feed on website can increase engagement

Adding social media feeds on your site provides a chance for website visitors to find and interact with your social accounts. In theory, if the visitor is interested, your likes, comments, mentions and other interactions on social media platforms and accounts should increase. 

This is very important for businesses as online engagement signals to the algorithm that people are interested in your posts, which should make it push more of your branded posts to the top. And if your branded posts are recommended more, your sales will go up as well.

The concept is simple here: If visitors see that real people use your products and services, they will be more inclined to try them out as well. So, do not be shy about employing your customers to influence others via a social feed. This might be one of the easiest ways to promote your products and services without producing content yourself.

Reason #2: A social media wall can improve your social media marketing efforts

So, you’ve spent all this time curating your Instagram grid or Facebook page. You might be disappointed if you rely on that alone to attract visitors. However, if you have good organic traffic to your website, you can significantly increase visits to your social media accounts by promoting them via a social media feed. 

A direct link to your social media accounts is the easiest way for people to reach them and start interacting with your content. Note that each platform should have its own embed code to take people exactly where they want to go. For example, your Facebook page should have its own social feed code. 

So, if you want your carefully crafted marketing strategies to succeed, ensure you embed social media content on relevant web pages. Also, embed social media feeds clearly, so they can be found easily on your social wall. 

Reason #3: You can gain more followers on social media platforms

We all know how important followers are these days. Naturally, the more social media followers a company has, the more legitimate, trustworthy and appealing it appears to people. In fact, some may think that accounts with a low number of followers are fake spam accounts and should be avoided. So, increasing your followers may be crucial for gaining trust. 

As we have already established, it is easy to attract new visitors and, consequently, new followers to your social media channels via a social media feed on your website. Of course, given that your content is actually attractive and useful. 

Reason #4: By embedding social proof, you can increase sales

The best way to provide social proof to your site visitors is by adding social feeds filled with positive reviews and feedback from your customers. If people see that others have positive thoughts and experiences with your products and services, they might want to try them out as well.

To embed social feeds that show reviews and feedback, you can employ Twitter or Facebook posts that have your name in them since these two platforms are mainly dedicated to text-based posts instead of photos. So, the likelihood of finding product reviews there is higher.

You can also ask your customers to share their opinions using a certain hashtag. The math is simple: The more satisfied customers you have, the more attractive your offering will be.

Reason #5: A social media feed can expand your brand reach and recognition

Different social media channels reach different audiences. So, utilizing multiple social media channels at once can help you target different people at once. 

For example, you can reach gamers on Discord, travel, music and food influencers on Instagram, 18-24-year-olds on TikTok, 25-34-year-olds on Facebook, and professionals on LinkedIn. While you might focus on one of these demographics, it is wise to cast your net wider and promote your business via various social media accounts. 

Note that if the content you embed on your social feed links to platforms your visitors are already using, they are more likely to follow you or engage with your content by saving your posts or sharing them with others. Do not expect your customers to create accounts just to follow you.

Reason #6: You can creatively enrich your website’s design

If your website’s design follows a neutral or monochromatic style, you might hesitate to include colors so as not to confuse your returning clients. This is good practice since colors can help with brand recognition. However, this does not mean that your social feeds must blend in. In fact, this could offer a great way to include a more colorful or artistic element. 

If done correctly, embedding social media feeds can improve a site’s overall design and appeal. Social media feeds can boost the liveliness of a website and provide visitors with a different perspective. And if you are thinking about implementing design changes, your social feed could even help you understand what kind of images your visitors are drawn to. 

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