How To Create a Professional Under Construction Page That Benefits Your Business

Published 18 July, 2023 Updated 08 August, 2023

Did you know an under construction page can help acquire leads, boost engagement and drive sales? Learn about best practices that will help you achieve that while we design your website for free!

How To Create a Professional Under Construction Page That Benefits Your Business

Building a new website or rebranding an existing one is a process that could span several days, weeks or perhaps even months. In the meantime, potential customers may look you up while your website is down. Of course, displaying a broken website could negatively impact your business. However, if you introduce an under construction page as a temporary placeholder, you can keep visitors informed and engaged.  

When executed correctly, an under construction/coming soon page can inspire a positive impression about your brand, even when your website is temporarily unavailable. So, let’s discuss what goes into creating an effective landing page for a website under construction.

Key highlights

  • A landing page for a website under construction can minimize the negative effects of downtimes by informing potential customers about temporary unavailability and the estimated return or launch date.
  • By integrating a form feature, you can leverage a website under construction to generate leads and help your business capture the contact information of interested visitors so you can convert them to future customers. 
  • A maintenance mode page can be leveraged to incentivize purchases through exclusive pre-launch discounts or early-bird promotional offers.

What is the purpose of under construction pages?

Imagine getting excited about a new restaurant, but instead of enjoying the thrill of a delightful dining experience, you face a construction space with bare walls and tools scattered about. This would be disappointing, right?

Now imagine the same scenario, but instead of a chaotic scene, you find a well-placed sign at the entrance featuring a sneak peek of the restaurant’s menu and a message informing visitors of the launch date. You are likely to be more understanding and you may even mark your calendar for the grand opening.

Under construction pages serve the same purpose when you have an unfinished website. As a temporary placeholder for a fully fledged business website, a maintenance page helps to inform visitors that your site is in construction mode and encourages them to stay tuned for the live site. 

Rather than displaying an incomplete website that signals a lack of professionalism, you can keep your reputation intact as your work to launch your full website. 

Here are a few instances where a maintenance page can serve to your advantage:

  • Brand new site launch
  • Website redesign or revamp process
  • Technical maintenance or updates

Some believe that under construction pages leave visitors frustrated and disappointed, especially if they have a specific goal for visiting your site. However, by adding certain elements to your under construction pages, you can not only quell annoyance but also generate excitement for what’s to come.

How to create an under construction page

To turn your website’s downtime into an opportunity, here are a few things to consider when creating under construction pages.

1. Define your objective 

The first step in creating a website under construction page is identifying its purpose. Defining an objective can inform your choice of construction template that effectively achieves the desired outcome. 

Suppose your objective is to generate excitement for an upcoming restaurant launch. In that case, you can use under construction templates with a countdown timer, attractive photos and a form to collect email addresses for those interested in updates. 

In another example, if you are a non-profit organization, you can feature a description of your cause with compelling images and videos, as well as include social media links for those who wish to stay updated and get involved with your mission.

2. Plan the design and layout

When building construction pages, your choice and placement of different page components, such as text, images, graphics and interactive elements, matters. You want to avoid a terrible user experience before your main website even launches. 

Start by outlining the key elements your website under construction page will include. Will there be a countdown timer, additional images or a subscription form? What you choose largely depends on your business and construction page objective. However, it’s best to keep things simple. Having too much going on can distract users from the message you intend to convey. 

Remember, a clean, organized layout can ensure a user-friendly experience. Also, do not forget about mobile responsiveness because only mobile-friendly websites are easily accessible and readable on smaller-screen devices. 

When it comes to raw design, you can use a visually appealing under construction website template or a custom design that aligns with your brand’s aesthetics. If you take the latter route, add your logo and make sure that colors, fonts, graphics and other design elements reflect your brand identity for a cohesive visual experience.

3. Write your under construction page message

You may choose to include a message to communicate your website’s current state as well as manage expectations. The mistake many website owners make is providing insufficient information or using vague and uninspiring statements. In this case, adding no message at all could be even better.

If you want to use a message, explain the purpose of your website under construction page and any relevant details about the upcoming updates or new design in a few lines. Be sure to use a customized message that aligns with your brand’s tone and personality to maintain brand consistency. 

Do you have a set date for when your website is going live? In that case, you can build excitement by providing a launch due date or informing about your new product or services. You could even announce a site-wide promotion on your launch day to give visitors something to look forward to.

4. Create a powerful background image

Your website under construction page does not have to look plain or static. A straightforward template with no images can make construction pages look boring. This is not something to worry about, unless you have a specific purpose for your under construction landing page. 

Using an interesting image can add depth and visual interest to an otherwise simple page, making it more visually appealing and enticing. You can even choose an under construction image that aligns with the theme and purpose of your website. Remember to consider the color palette and composition to ensure the image complements the overall design and enhances readability. 

Depending on your business type, you can use images that represent your product or service or even depict people using them. This helps create a memorable impression that leaves visitors intrigued and eagerly anticipating the launch of your website.

It is also a good idea to consider your audience. Let’s imagine a website under construction page image for a fitness studio. If your clients are interested in high-intensity workouts, showcase a vibrant video of people participating in those workouts. On the flip side, if your clients prefer yoga classes, add images of people in flattering yoga poses.

5. Introduce your brand

Under construction pages provide a great opportunity to share your brand’s mission, values and the pain points you can solve. Giving a glimpse into what makes your company unique helps build a connection with your audience and excites them for what’s to come. 

This doesn’t mean writing long-winded paragraphs containing too much information that overwhelms your visitors. A simple statement can represent your company’s unique value in the most digestible way. 

Also, do not forget to adjust your language. Depending on your business, you can use formal or conversational language along with your brand’s visual elements, such as a logo or color scheme, to establish a cohesive and recognizable identity.

6. Add your contact information

In an ideal scenario, a website under construction page should include contact details to maintain open lines of communication for addressing inquiries, providing assistance and gathering feedback. 

Allowing your visitors to connect with you helps build trust and credibility, as visitors will perceive a website with accessible contact information as reliable and legitimate. Plus, it shows your commitment to customer service and user satisfaction early on. 

Add a contact form, a business email address or a phone number along with links to active social profiles. This will allow your website users to connect and engage with your company while your website is under construction.

How to utilize an under construction page to the max

Beyond serving as a placeholder, an under construction page can engage your audience, build connections and generate interest in the launch of your upcoming website. Let’s explore a few ways in which you can utilize the opportunity most optimally.

1. Acquire leads

An under construction page can work as a lead-generation tool. By integrating a form or opt-in link on your coming soon page, you can capture site visitors’ contact information for future marketing efforts. 

To entice the visitor to share their information, offer the latest updates, access to exclusive content or perhaps even discounts to hype up a new product launch.

2. Boost engagement

Another way to maximize the potential of your under construction page is by using it for audience building and engagement. 

It can be as simple as adding links to your social profiles for users to connect with you and stay updated on the website’s progress. 

You can then utilize your social platforms to showcase teasers, share exciting updates and interact with your audience through comments, stories and posts.

3. Drive sales 

If your website is undergoing construction or maintenance, you can still grow your customer base. One effective approach to incentivize purchases in advance is to offer exclusive pre-launch discounts or early-bird promotions. 

Use prominent calls to action or add a link directing visitors to a dedicated sales page or a waitlist where they can place an order or reserve their spot. You can further create a sense of urgency by highlighting limited-time offers or limited stock availability.

4. Leverage social proof

Showcasing positive reviews or testimonials can maximize the impact of your under construction page. It’s a way of showing visitors that while your website is new or under maintenance, you already have a track record of satisfied customers, increasing the likelihood of visitors engaging with your website once it launches.

This is another reason to nurture your social media profiles and promote them via an under construction landing page.

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