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How do British entrepreneurs get their websites for free - not DIY?

Learn about Ann's story

A Common Problem: Business Owners and Website Troubles Imagine the path many entrepreneurs face when stepping into the online world: the high costs, the complicated tech talk, and the long waits to get a website up and running. These hurdles often put a pause on their dreams to expand online, a common storyline for many looking to grow their business in the digital age. Does it sound familiar to You?

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Creating a website should not resemble a visit to the dentist

What puts YOUR online ambitions on hold? Making a website shouldn’t be hard or expensive. Many British entrepreneurs face the problems described above, which generate a lot of stress, waste of money and time. Many site builders on the market offer expensive subscription fees and the need to spend a ton of time setting up a system that often fails and is not even owned by them. So If you’re finding it hard to make your website, you’re not alone.

Introducing Ann: A Real Entrepreneur's Story

Meet Ann, a beauty salon owner who embodies the struggles and aspirations of many entrepreneurs. Her journey began with a desire to grow her business online but was quickly met with the challenges of high costs and complex processes that make website creation daunting for many.

A Friend's Solution: Discovering new eye-catching project

The game-changer for Ann came through a simple conversation with a friend who introduced her to Wacademy. Here, she found an opportunity to have her website built for free by skilled students eager to apply their learning to real-world projects.

The Wacademy Experience: Ann's Quick Transformation

Here’s how Ann’s journey with Wacademy unfolded:

  • First Contact: Ann filled out a simple form on Facebook add, and Wacademy coordinator got back to her in just 24 hours.
  • Consultation: They discussed her needs and goals for the website, ensuring it would perfectly match her salon’s style.
  • Agreement: Ann and Wacademy agreed on how to work together.
  • Building the Site: Skilled students then took 12 days to build a customized, user-friendly website for Ann.
  • Dual Benefits: The new site boosted Ann’s business, and the students gained valuable experience for their careers.

Opportunity Alert: UK entrepreneurs can grab this chance with Wacademy until the end of April to get their free website and support student learning.

With Wacademy, Ann’s experience was straightforward and impactful. After reaching out, she was soon partnered with students who developed a professional website for her salon in just 12 days. This wasn’t just a win for her business—it also provided valuable experience for the students involved. ~ Max, WAcademy coordinator

The Outcome: Ann's Success by the Numbers

  • Revenue: Ann saw her salon’s revenue increase by 45% in the six months following her website’s launch.
  • Traffic: There was 480 people visiting her new website, broadening her customer base.
  • Bookings: With the new online platform, her salon’s bookings doubled, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

I’m thrilled with the remarkable results since launching my new website with Wacademy! The significant 45% increase in revenue and doubling of our bookings in just six months truly exceeded my expectations. It’s been fantastic to see how the enhanced online presence attracted nearly 500 new visitors, expanding our customer base and improving our service efficiency. Collaborating with Wacademy has been a game-changer for my salon, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with their professional approach and impactful results. ~ Ann

Join the Movement: Your Story Awaits with Wacademy

Ann’s transformation is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. Your business, too, can experience this growth and digital breakthrough. Wacademy offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to get their websites built at no cost while contributing to the education and experience of future professionals.

  • Be Part of a Success Story: Like Ann, witness tangible improvements in your business through a digital transformation.
  • Simple and Effective: Engage in a process that’s easy to start and delivers results, transforming your online presence.
  • Contribute to Education: While growing your business, you’re also providing invaluable real-world experience to students.

Why Opt for Wacademy? Mutual Benefits for Entrepreneurs and Students

Wacademy stands out by creating a symbiotic relationship where entrepreneurs receive expertly crafted websites, and students gain real-world project experience. This mutual benefit underpins our commitment to fostering growth and opportunity.

Here is the feedback from wacademy students: 

  • Anika: “Interning at Wacademy was an eye-opening experience that expanded my professional network and understanding of digital entrepreneurship. The skills I gained have been directly applicable in my role in tech consultancy. I particularly valued the mentorship from seasoned professionals.”
  • Jin: “The hands-on experience at Wacademy was invaluable. Designing websites that actually go live and help startups grow gave me a real sense of accomplishment and a portfolio that stands out. It definitely opened doors for me in the tech industry.”

Begin Your Digital Transformation

Are you ready to transform your business like Ann? With limited openings available in the UK until the end of April, now is the perfect time to join the Wacademy success story. By partnering with us, you’re not just upgrading your business—you’re also contributing to the professional growth of future talent.

Empower your business and inspire tomorrow’s professionals. Connect with Wacademy now and set a new trajectory for your online success.

WAcademy aims to support SMEs with web design needs while providing real-world experience to web design interns.

SMEs receive free web design services, enabling them to establish or enhance their online presence without the usual associated costs.

Interns are trained in WordPress design and development, working under professional supervision to deliver high-quality websites.

Wacademy students create websites 100% free. The only expense for SMEs is hosting, which is offered in partnership with a professional hosting service. Hosting is not a cost of building a website but only an investment in its maintenance. (Any website visible on the Internet must have hosting). However, these are small costs in the order of 6-7.5 euros / month)

Unlike limited service website builders, WAcademy offers personalized web design with the flexibility to customize and control the website after completion.

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Pick this option if you wish to showcase your services, engage in blogging, or exhibit your portfolio.


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