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Join WAcademy’s web design internship and get all the skills and knowledge needed to succeed when applying for a job.

Welcome to WAcademy

WAcademy is a unique EdTech platform that empowers aspiring web designers to deepen their skill set, grow professional portfolios and skyrocket their chances of being hired by the world’s leading brands.


Boost Your Knowledge

Once admitted, all interns are guided through the best and latest web design, UX, and UI practices, as well as introduced to the most popular tools that get the job done.

We put together the content that WAcademy’s pros would have wanted to get when they started their careers!


Improve Your Skills

Get hands-on experience by working on real-life projects along industry’s leading web designers and grow your portfolio.

Yes, you’ve read it right – the project you design will be commissioned and used by a real business, making your experience and portfolio even more valuable!


Get Certified

Each WAcademy intern is officially certified after completing the internship. The WAcademy Certification in Web Design verifies our graduates have the knowledge and skills to successfully build a website or an ecommerce store.

How It Works?

Apply and complete a small test task. 

We will evaluate your current skills and confirm your placement.

Learn the best web design practices. 

We will help you to get all the knowledge you need to succeed.

Test yourself with real-life assignments.

We will evaluate your skills and help you improve them. 

Graduate, get certified and start employment.

Join the growing community of web designers from around the world!


Meet WAcademy’s Web Design Graduates

We are proud of our interns, who have successfully started their web design careers!
I was very satisfied with the WAcademy course. I was a complete newbie at WordPress so I was happy that it was beginner friendly. The course was clear, concise and well-presented. What makes it special is that I got to actually make a few websites for real clients! Now I am confident to go ahead and start my web design career.


UX Designer at Barclays
I already had some web design knowledge and tried to learn WordPress by myself a few years ago but it didn’t go so well. This WAcademy course starts from the very beginning and explains everything you need to know to build a website. It also really helped to be able to practice what we learned and build a website. Overall, I would recommend this course to any aspiring web designer.


WordPress Developer at VipeStudio

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